What is Micropigmentation ?

It is a cosmetic tattoo,  semi permanent makeup can last for long time , depending in skin types, lifestyles even medications, pigment colour , sun exposure and skincare products  . Cosmetic tattoo helps to enhance or correct facial features ,  Eye lids, Eye Brows, lips Using cosmetic tattoo pigments to give natural look .Micropigmentation pigments can fade,not like Body tattoo. 

Is it painful ? 

We usually apply a numb cream to our clients before the treatment . Some client experience no pain  where others may be more sensitive.  We will reapplying a numbing cream during the treatment .

How long does it last ? 

Cosmetic tattoo can stay between 1 to 2 years if the client follow the instruction for homecare and comes for the refresh visits .The cosmetic pigments  for the face are designed to fade , timing for this depends on  skin types, lifestyles even medications, pigment colour , sun exposure and skincare products .However , fading pigment and once healed,can be anywhere between 20-40% of the pigment colour .

Treatment visits 

Each procedure is a 2 part treatment ,  but some clients skin need more then 2 visits to hold the pigment .

How long will take each visit ?  

First visit will take up to 3 Hr , Refresh visit will take up to 2 hr . 

What i need to do before treatment ? 

You don't need to do anything , Just inform us about any medical conditions and medications like  blood thinners, diabetes or a cold sore  before you come in and discontinue taking omega oils 10 days prior to the procedure. .Also , let us know if you had botox and any tinting prior to your booking . You Don't need to shape your eyebrows , our artist will shape it based on you face shape and bone structure .

What i should do after treatment ?

It is recommend to keep your skin as calm as possible over the first 24-48 hours without any flushes or aggravation to the area. While the brow crust is on,  No cleansers, skincare, sunblock, makeup, swimming sunlight or direct water on the area until peeling has finished. . You can't exercise for at least 5-6 days as sweat will purge unsettled pigment out of the skin.  It will be 3-4 weeks before the true colour appears.